Antonin Cheymol

Mixed Reality PhD Student

Hello! I am a 1st year PhD student at Inria Rennes, Hybrid Team, studying Body-based Interactions in Mixed Reality (MR) under the supervision of Dr. Ferran Argelaguet, Dr. Jean-Marie Normand, Dr. Anatole Lecuyer and Dr. Rebecca Fribourg. Previously I received a Master in HCI from the University Paris-Saclay, and conducted different research internship related to VR at the University of Tokyo and Korea University.

My aspiration is to contribute in the understanding of humans perception, and to the human empowerment using MR. In particular, I am currently interested in the opportunity to adress human physical limitations using dysmorphic modifications to the virtual body, in order to augment users' experience and interaction potentials.



Mixed Reality, Human perception, UI/UX Design.



Publications Google Scholar Profile

First Author Paper

‚óŹ Increasing the Perceived Speed of Dynamic Handheld Shape Displays through Visuo-Haptic Illusions. Antonin Cheymol, Yutaro Hirao, Shigeo Yoshida, and Hideaki Kuzuoka. 2022. In Augmented Humans 2022 (AHs 2022).

ūüŹÜ Best Paper Award

Paper Presentation Video

‚óŹ Studying the Role of Self and External Touch in the Appropriation of Dysmorphic Hands. Antonin Cheymol, Rebecca Fribourg, Nami Ogawa, Anatole L√©cuyer, Yutaro Hirao, Takuji Narumi, Ferran Argelaguet, Jean-Marie Normand. In IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2022 (ISMAR 2022).


Short Paper

‚óŹ The Rubber Slider Metaphor: Visualisation of Temporal and Geolocated Data. Antonin Cheymol, Gwendal Fouch√©, Lysa Gramoli, Yutaro Hirao, Emilie Hummel, Ma√© Mavromatis, Yann Moullec, Ferran Argelaguet, and Florian Nouviale. In IEEE VR 3DUI Contest.

ūü•Č Top 3 IEEE VR 3DUI Contest 2022



2021 - 2024:

‚óŹ PhD studying Body-based interactions in Mixed Reality - Inria Rennes, Hybrid team


2018 - 2020:

‚óŹ Master in Human Computer Interaction - Universit√© Paris-Saclay

(Received with highest honors)

2015 - 2018:

‚óŹ Bachelor in Computer Sciences - Universit√© Paris-Saclay

(Received with honors)

Previous Research Experiences


‚óŹ 6 months internship at Media Lab, Korea University, Republic of Korea.

Supervised by Pr. JungHyun Han .


‚óŹ 1 year internship student at Cyber Interface Lab, The University of Tokyo, Japan.

Supervised by Pr. Hideaki Kuzuoka.


‚óŹ 3 months internship at Team CPU, LIMSI, France.

Supervised by Dr. Brian Ravenet.


‚óŹ Research work during one month at team Ex)Situ, LRI, France.

Supervised by Dr. Cédric Fleury.


‚óŹ 3 months internship attraction team AMI, LIMSI, France.

Supervised by Dr. Jules Françoise .